Online Counselling for Personal, Relationship, and Marriage Issues

Lindaris Counselling specialize in online counselling for individuals and couples with personal, relationship, marriage, or divorce issues.

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After providing traditional face-to-face counselling in central Victoria for more than 20 years, Lindaris Counselling developed an innovative online counselling model in 2019. We connect with our clients primarily via Zoom videoconferencing, and we have refined the process over the past few years. Our online model helped us to continue seeing our clients throughout the pandemic lockdowns, and we now offer online counselling only. Our clients tell us they prefer the convenience of online counselling compared to the traditional in-person approach.

Effectiveness of Online Counselling

Therapy delivered through videoconferencing technology has been heavily studied in academia for the past three decades. A recent 2021 study from the National eTherapy Centre at the Swinburne University of Technology* showed that clients experience high satisfaction with video counselling. While research shows that online counselling is as effective as in-person therapy, some clients initially express apprehension. Our experience at Lindaris Counselling has shown this quickly disappears, with clients embracing the convenience that video counselling offers.

Benefits of Online Counselling

Existing research and our own experience at Lindaris Counselling has found that online counselling using videoconferencing provides numerous benefits for clients. Many find it much more convenient than traditional in-person counselling. You can easily fit sessions into your busy life schedule because you don't need to travel or organize childcare. Our clients appreciate the fact that they have control over deciding where and when sessions occur. You have the freedom to join a session from home, in the car, or even from work. Some clients also feel that video counselling is less confronting than face-to-face, allowing them to talk more freely because they feel less pressured.

No referral is required to access Lindaris Counselling, and there is no limit to the number of sessions you can access. We have no waitlists, and we offer appointments outside regular business hours, including weekends, for your convenience.

*Thomas, N., McDonald, C., de Boer, K., Brand, R., Nedeljkovic, M., Seabrook, L. (2021). Review of the current empirical literature on using videoconferencing to deliver individual psychotherapies to adults.

Personal, Relationship, and Marriage Counselling

Meet the counsellor

Sue Harding is the principal counsellor at Lindaris Counselling. She has over 20 years’ experience and is a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association.